There are few words that can adequately describe the divine beauty that exists in this man, but

I will try….
I begin briefly with the hair that frames the top of his head and that rests upon his lip and solid chin and jawline. This hair is an amazing hue of black that shimmers ever so slightly when kissed by the hot sun. The texture of the hair that frames his head is exquisite. I liken it to the coat of a well-groomed sheep before being sheared. The finer facial hair, also a beautiful black, is soft, as wool that has been carded before being spun. Under the hair, covering not just his head and face, but his entire body is a remarkably soft layer of flawless skin that is such a gorgeous shade of rich dark brown that an observant one would want to touch and taste it as it appears to be sweet dark chocolate.

The remainder of the essay will focus only on his facial features, but let me just say that his velvety voice, accent and cherub-like laughter only enhances this man’s beauty. The two features that command the most attention are his well-structured masculine nose and soft full lips. Let me say a bit more about both. His nose has sharp, distinct angles and sits perfectly on his face, proportioned and strong. It points, without being pointy and spreads without being wide. In my opinion, his nose is perfect, a divine work of art, only surpassed by his supple dark pink lips. When not biting, or hiding them as if ashamed, his gentle refined lips invite one into to a private world of ecstasy. One can only imagine what a tender embrace led by this pair of heavenly delights would feel like. To avoid further objectification and I return to a lens of art appreciation and complete my thought on his lips with Scripture from The Song of Solomon 5:13 and say that “his lips are lilies, dripping liquid myrrh.”

Before I conclude my essay speaking of his eyes, I want to just mention that his ears are among the finest, I have ever seen. They lift from the side of his head ever so slightly and hold a godly shape. While in the realm of celestial, it is here that it is appropriate for me to speak of his eyes and thus end the essay. These two deep pools of mystique and mastery are placed with precision within his amazingly sculpted occipital opening and well-groomed eye brows. Often covered by sophisticated Ray Bans, the rare occasions in which one is able to gaze upon his eyes are intense. Looking on the surface, one sees the mastery, the confident warrior, the spiritual seer that has recorded sights well beyond his years. Taking time to look deeper, if one is given the honor of doing so, the mystique surfaces. In this mystique, one gets a rare glimpse of his secret garden full of hurt, pain, and loss; bordered by justified bitterness planted by the social injustices he has endured. But that is not all, in the center of this garden, is a well of living water, a love overflowing that twinkles when he smiles. There is an inner knowing of the Divine and a clear indication that the Divine dwells within this beautiful man. His eyes are definitely the window to an amazing soul.