What We Do

We partner with YOU to support you in being all you were born to be.

Coaching is the art and science of holding space in partnership with you to call forth all that you were born to be. Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes and may take place face-to-face, on the telephone, or online via video chat. Email coaching is also available. We focus on the areas you wish to enhance.

  • Life and spiritual direction coaching – for improved general well-being, joy and connection to your spiritual self.
  • Executive, management and leadership coaching – for improved effectiveness and satisfaction with the outcomes in your professional life.
  • Family life education and parenting coaching – for increased harmony and support in your home.
  • PREPARE/ENRICH couples assessment and coaching- for maximum love and satisfaction in your committed partnership.
  • IDI assessment and coaching- for intercultural development

Ceremony is a formal celebration of life events that helps anchor the importance of the event, promote connection, and/or facilitate healing, growth and expansion. Ceremony and ritual can be found in most cultures, religions and public sectors. Both formal and informal, ceremonies are as diverse as the individuals involved in them. Many ceremonies include a physical component such as dance, procession, the laying on of hands or placing of a symbolic pin, as well as a verbal declaration such as in announcing a married couple or presenting an award. Most also include food and beverage. Regardless of the formality or purpose, when created for the participants with the intention of joy, ceremonies can be very rewarding.

We work with you to co-create the ceremony that meets your individual needs.
• Weddings
• Customized Rites of Passage Ceremonies
• Customized Workplace Celebrations

It is lived experience that helps you make sense of your world and make choices about growth and development. We offer both unique custom experiences and traditional training/speaking opportunities to enhance your lived experience and promote creativity through diversity.

  • Intercultural Development Assessment and Self Discovery Trips – small group facilitated travel experiences to South Africa
  • Multi session trainings on Self-esteem, Communication, Leadership
  • Collaboration and Team Building Experiences

Suzanne Begin is also a dynamic speaker

  • Self Relations: Esteem, Confidence, Respect
  • Intercultural Development
  • Love


It’s all about You and the world around you.

Decide you are worth it.

  • You are curious about how others experience life
  • You are transitioning to a new position
  • You are conceiving that next promotion
  • You are strengthening your leadership skills
  • You are building a high functioning team
  • You are communicating more effectively
  • You are starting a new life commitment
  • You are bolstering your parenting skills
  • You are addressing relationship issues
  • You are wanting to create intentional community


We partner with you to facilitate experience to support transformation.

Set aside time for yourself.

  • Facilitated intercultural development and self-discovery trips
  • Life and spiritual direction coaching and retreats
  • Self esteem and communication workshops and keynote addresses
  • Business Consulting for building intentional communities and maximizing outcomes
  • Executive, management and leadership coaching, retreats
  • Team building workshops and keynote addresses
  • Family Life Education and Parenting coaching, classes, workshops and keynote addresses
  • PREPARE/ENRICH Couples Assessment and Coaching
  • IDI Assessment and intercultural development coaching
  • Wedding Officiant and other Ceremony Services

When? NOW!

Make a decision.